Achievement feels good. How you’ve been going after it?

1:1 Executive Coaching for individuals

Why 1 on 1executive coaching?

If you are...

  • Serious about creating positive change in your professional life
  • Ready to get out of your comfort zone
  • Prepared to engage in honest self-reflection
  • Shed your concept of how a leader “should” be and cultivate your own strengths
  • Shine brighter as you meet increasingly difficult challenges, find your next job, or move up to the next level in the organization.
  • Find clarity, build momentum, and be an effective, inspiring leader for your team.

Stop Procrastinating

Reclaim Your Time

Take Action Toward Your Goals

End Overwhelm

Find Your Motivation

Feel Focused Every Day

My Coaching Approach

When it comes to 1 on 1 coaching, I believe that the possibilities of combining action and reflection are enormous. My goal is to support individuals as they bring their actions to life.

My approach involves developing a deep understanding of you, your life stories, your underlying style, and your deeply held values, within a short period. Armed with this knowledge, we then begin to help you think about your professional life in new and different ways.

I'll support your development through experiential learning, using proprietary exercises and processes. I'll also often evaluate individualized metrics through a number of assessments to help you tap into your unique potential. My process is empowering and energizing; you will begin to find clarity and take positive action in your professional life.

What You can expect

My 1 on 1 coaching program to be:

  • Future-Focused: looking at your goals and developing a plan to achieve them
  • Performance-Focused: setting measurable success metrics that we track against
  • Accountable: you make all the final decisions and are accountable for them
  • Customized: your coaching program is customized based on what it is you are looking to achieve

My life came under pressure due to work related issues; this in turn affected my health and general well being. Soon, I became to loose the zeal to engage in daily activities. Since receiving support and guidance from Florence, I have started picking up with my life one day at a time stress free.


My 5-Step Coaching Process

1. Getting Started

We’ll begin by discussing how coaching works, planning how we’ll work together, and building a shared understanding of the results you want.

2. Goal Setting

We’ll set specific goals for our work together, identify milestones to track progress, and define the metrics to evaluate your success.

3. Action Planning

We’ll map-out an action plan that includes the activities you’ll undertake to achieve your goals, and we’ll customize our plan around your individual needs and challenges.

4. Scheduled Meetings

We’ll meet on a regular basis to track progress, examine obstacles, and work real-time on building skills and overcoming challenges.

5. Wrap-up & Follow-on

We’ll complete our work by making sure you’ve hit your goals, and we’ll discuss how you can continue even more growth on your own after coaching has ended.

Coaching Results:

Why try 1 on 1 coaching? It’s well regarded as a powerful force for change and development.

  • 96% of people saw the performance of individuals improve after the 1 on 1 introduced coaching.
  • 92% of organizations reported improvements in leadership and management effectiveness.
  • 77% of respondents indicate that coaching had a significant or very significant impact.
  • 60% of survey respondents stated that productivity improved through 1 on 1 coaching.

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